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LiveGator - Incident Response Tool
Orion Investigations have released LiveGator, an incident response tool that automates the collection of data from live computers.
LiveGator can be quickly configured at a push of a button. No installation is required and can be run direct from a USB drive. To ensure integrity of the data, all tools are hashed and verified prior to running and a log file is maintained throughout the extraction process. A full html report is produced automatically on completion of the extraction.
LiveGator will collect the following information:
  • Memory and process acquisitions
  • Network Information
  • Processes and services
  • System information
  • Log files
LiveGator uses the following tools to extract the data:
  • Arp.exe

  • Psfile.exe

  • At.exe

  • PsInfo.exe

  • Autorunsc.exe

  • Pslist.exe

  • DumpIt.exe

  • PsLoggedon.exe

  • Ipconfig.exe

  • Psloglist.exe

  • Listdlls.exe

  • PsService.exe

  • Nbtstat.exe

  • Systeminfo.exe

  • Netstat.exe

  • Tasklist.exe

  • Procdump.exe

  • Tcpvcon.exe

Downloads Current Version LiveGator v1.0.0 Reserve
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