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Degaussing Service. 29/01/2015

Orion Investigations now offers degaussing as part of our secure data deletion service.

What is degaussing?

To degauss is to demagnetize. Degaussing is a popular technique for destroying data on magnetic storage tapes, hard drives, USB thumb drives, smart phones or floppy disks. Once a hard drive has been degaussed it cannot be reused again. At Orion we use the degaussing tool AML-6KG which is a device that is certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) and complies with the US Department of Defense (DOD) 5220.22M standards. The device has been tested and approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) that meet CESG Highest Level requirements, suitable to Degauss Top Secret Media that is classified up to and including Business Impact Level 6 (BIL6).

To degauss hard drives we use the following steps:
Step1 – Dismantling of hard drives to gain direct access to the internal platters.
Step2 – Use the degaussing tool AML-6KG.
Step3 – The physical destruction of the surfaces of the internal hard drive platters.

The whole process is auditable ensuring compliance with IT security standards such as ISO27001, ISO15408, PCI and FISMA.

A certificate of destruction is provided.

Email : Kunrisa@orioninv.co.th (Khun Nong)


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